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RevTech for Sales Teams

To scale sales a deep understanding of why & how deals on won is essential. RevTech goes deep into buyer behaviour, deal mechanics and sales activities to determine your formula for selling.

Hit your targets

RevTech’s A.I. gives you suggestions on how to move deals through the pipeline. We signal early if a deal is at risk so the right steps can be taken to achieve the target.

Reduce administration

Our tool is constantly evaluating the data quality in your CRM. There are many data points we will automatically update when we see missing or out dated but we will also highlight key information for the sales rep to complete in an easy to use and quick way.

Focus on the best customers

Not all customers are equal. We are constantly evaluating your existing customer base to uncover commonalities. We then rate the quality of the account on a simple 0-10 scale.

Getting the right data is no longer a problem.

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New ways to look at your pipeline

Figure out where deals get stuck by pipeline, segment, rep and many other criteria. As part of RevTech’s services we also review deal follow and include suggestions for improvement in our monthly account reviews.

Individual performance feedback

We surface the data to understand why a top performer is a top performer. You can use RevTech as a sales coaching tool to work with the team on improving performance.

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