Operations Team

RevTech for Operations

We use the word operations to describe many other functions of your business that support generating revenue. This means IT teams, finance teams, delivery teams, HR teams, product teams, non-revenue leadership and operations teams. We understand it takes the whole company to generate scalable revenue.

We clean and normalize your data

This is the first problem that needs to be solved to enable insights from your data. As part of the onboarding we work with you to implement best practices into the tools you use and ensure the right data is being captured. Then part of the magic of RevTech is that we normalize and maintain the data.

Live revenue plans

Clearly see what the revenue goals are and how you are progressing towards them. By doing your revenue planning inside of RevTech we can connect all the dots to give you confidence in your forecasts.

Remote team management

We designed RevTech with remote teams in mind. We enable asynchronous deal review and account planning while enabling all roles to go get the insights they need when its convenient for them.

Getting the right data is no longer a problem.

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Always Improving

We conduct a monthly review of all our customers and provide a report. The report covers suggestions to improve processes, customer insights, probability of hitting revenue targets and so much more.

We have a culture of security

RevTech has a culture of security. We follow ISO270001 information security guidance and deploy best practice encryption and security techniques. Two-factor authentication is mandatory for all users.

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