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We understand that the biggest challenge with B2B marketing is understanding who your customer is and how to reach them. RevTech’ A.I. provides deep and unique insights into the profile of your customer while highlighting why certain channels have been successful in reaching them.

Know who to target

RevTech gives you feedback on what your ideal customer looks like. We compare contact characteristics to successful deals to determine what traits are important in identifying a potential customer...and the traits to be avoided.

Understand the Customer Journey

Understand the customer journey in a new way. We organize all the activity data across marketing, sales and customer success into a single timeline for a contact and account. We then analyze trends in the sequence of touchpoints to determine what the ideal journey is for each potential customer.

Build in lead scoring

We approach lead scoring differently. We break leading scoring into two metrics: Contact Score & Activity Score. The contact score is to determine how much a contact looks like they will influence the sales process while the activity score evaluates the interest to purchase.

Getting the right data is no longer a problem.

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Channel Performance

We connect the data all the way through the lifecycle of a customer. This allows us to provide unique insights on the effectiveness of your different marketing channels. Quickly and easily see which marketing channels are driving the highest quality of leads and the most revenue.

Easily organize the team.

Managing multiple channels is hard. We provide an easy way to organize the efforts of the marketing team while feeding our A.I. to determine which marketing activities had the most impact on revenue.

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