Customer Success Teams

RevTech for Customer Success Teams

Customer satisfaction and expansion is at the heart of creating scalable revenue. RevTech’s A.I. gives you insights into who influences the account, how likely they are to renew and suggestions on how to engage with the account. While providing simple planning and tracking features to help with the day-to-day of Customer Success.

Goal setting at
the account level

Account planning has never been easier. With RevTech it's simple to align the account team and track potential opportunities in an account.

Track onboarding progress

Define your onboarding process, per segment, in RevTech. When you win a new customer the onboarding items will automatically be assigned to the appropriate customer success team member to easily guide and track the progress.

Simplify renewal management

Easily see track upcoming renewals while RevTech’s A.I. predicts the likelihood of the customer renewing. We evaluate the account activity and characteristic to estimate the probability that they will continue with your offering.

Getting the right data is no longer a problem.

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Understand who’s who in the account

Clearly see all stakeholders in the account and their influence. Let RevTech’s A.I. provide insights and guidance on when and how to reach out to the key stakeholders.

Team performance

As you continue to scale the post-sales efforts get challenging to manage. Well at least they used to. Easily organize the team and track their progress with RevTech.

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all go-to-market teams

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