Working Together

Our mission is to help B2B companies scale their revenue. We see ourselves as a part of your business and our committed to grow along side you.


Getting to know each other

Your business is unique. We need to understand how your business works so we can ensure the revenue teams are supported.


Defining Success

We beleive in accountability and will establish clear objective for working together.

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We set it up right from the start

We want to make sure you get full value from RevTech which means we have to set it up right. RevTech works best when the underlying tools are configured to best practices. We’ll work with you to setup your systems to best practice and then make sure RevTech is seamlessly integrated. This step can vary from days to weeks depending on the complexity of your underlying tools.


The first 30 days are critical

In addition to the implementation expert you’ll receive a dedicated onboarding manager for the first 30 days. This individual will be responsible for making sure your team knows how to use RevTech. This includes 1 on 1 training, team training, process documentation, and anything else your team needs to be successful with RevTech.


We are part of the team

RevTech will provide daily insights into deals, accounts, contacts and customers. In addition to this we also perform monthly reviews. In the monthly review we 
use our A.I. as well as our expertise to see how you 
are performing to your targets and provide strategic, operational and customer insights.

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